We are a fundraising platform that integrates giving into our everyday. We know that simple acts of everyday kindness can enact amazing change. We have seen what happens when people, communities and charities unite their passion for a common cause. We know that from many big or small donations, incredible things can happen. And we’d love to make this happen together, all you need to do is start. Take action. Create change


Together with our ‘Shouters’ (donors and fundraisers) we believe in creating change through the value of everyday items. Shouters can choose to donate the value of everyday items to any of their favourite charities to support their cause, just as if they were shouting a good mate. There are three simple ways choose from.

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Everyday Items
Choose to shout your favourite charity from a range of everyday items. For example, a drink, coffee, food, or book.
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Custom Charity Items
Choose to shout the value of a custom item that a charity has chosen to represent the work they do for their cause.
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Custom Amounts
Can’t find items that suit? Choose to shout any amount. There’s no magical number, every act of generosity counts.


Shout provides a suite of online fundraising options to suit both our Shouter and charities. Discover what we can offer you for your next fundraising initiative


We know every dollar counts and that’s why we’ve worked to make sure more or all of your donation goes directly to your charity. Through ANZ’s support, we have been able to remove commission fees and Visa/Mastercard credit card transaction fees from all donations. In addition, there are no setup fees or annual fees to donate, fundraise, integrate or to be listed, making us one of the most cost effective fundraising platforms in Australia.

Unfortunately, there are still things out of our control. Payment fees and taxes associated with American Express credit cards and PayPal transactions still apply. However, we have worked together with our providers to reduce those fees significantly from market rates. Shouters (Donors) will have the opportunity to add this fee on top of your donation, which means 100%, could go directly to your intended charity.
For more information, view our rate sheet.

For Donors & Fundraisers
As part of the ANZ family you can be assured all charities on our platform are reputable and donating or fundraising is secure. If you have charities you care about that are not yet on Shout, please feel free to contact us and we will reach out to them to join our growing community.
For Charities
Partnering with Shout means that as part of the ANZ family, there are opportunities to reach a much wider audience through ANZ’s customers and staff. We also offer custom campaign solutions and partnership opportunities. If you are a charity and would like to be listed, sign up now!
For Integrators
Looking to integrate giving? We have a number of different solutions that you can leverage from the Shout platform to manage giving. Most solutions do not require any additional admin so that you can focus on growing your product or business while making an impact.

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Have more questions, feedback or would like to discuss opportunities? Talk to us, we’re here to help.

“How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.”


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